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Staffel(lauf) 2016-2018
Kontravalenz in der Logik und der Mathematik dient der Wahrheitsfindung: es kann gleichzeitig nur entweder die eine oder die andere Aussage wahr sein. Die Wirklichkeit der Aufnahme: Die Aufnahme entnimmt der kontinuierlichen Wirklichkeit der Situation einen Augenblick. Die Bilder dehnen diesen zu einer Geschichte aus. Die Wirklichkeit der Betrachtung ist assoziativ, sie ist entweder: „Unbefangenheit“ oder: „Unbehagen“.

Relay 2016-2018
Anticoincidence in logic and mathematics, aims at ascertaining the truth: only one or the other piece of evidence can be true at any particular moment. Photographical truth: The photograph extracts a moment out of the situational truth's continuum. The resulting images extend into stories. The spectator’s truth is created by associations; it oscillates between „naturalness“ or „discomfort“.

Situational truth:
█1 trail/Tracks/Traces Hikers are following the trail to the mountain top. The footprints as a baton. 2018
█2 Transcending Barrier A roof, a wall, traces are leading up to the top of the wall. What's behind that wall? The wall as a baton. 2018
█3 Traditional Style The image on the wall shows a concentration camp. An elderly man in traditional style reads descriptions of art pieces. The man as a baton. 2017
█4 Hide and Seek A child is playing hide and seek on a lawn. The child as a baton. 2016
█5 Le Schtroumpf en Transit The space is in transition. The old roof collapsed and buried floor, furniture and traces of former times. The rising sun enters into the space through the cocooned windows. It hits the opposite wall across the space. Here a sequence of pictures tells of mountains and fairy tales. The viewer’s eye travels through the stories the space tells. Like the smurf it is in transit. The transit as a baton. 2017
█6 Crossing Barrier The open door leads through the green wall. What's behind that wall? The blue building as a baton. 2018
█7 Arrival Departure The train arrives, the woman passes by. The street as a baton. 2018
█8 U-turn The street is blocked by trash, a small path leads through. 2018